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Hello from me as Well! I'm Arthur's dear friend Arabella. I would be happy to assist you in whatever you might need as well. Within reason of course.

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"I — I didn’t want you to have to give up your future. You could do so many amazing things; I’m just a college student." She looked somewhat sad, her big eyes getting somewhat watery. "She doesn’t know. I don’t think she would understand, since she’s so young. She only just turned two…"

"That is true. Just I can’t believe it." Arthur said looking deep in throughout for a few moments before speaking again. "You both should come back with me. I’m serious Iris. My business is starting to take off and we could finally be a family. We could have the life we always wanted."


A faint nervous smile appeared and she nodded her head. “Aria is yours. You’re a father, Arthur.” His reaction made her happy. Iris wasn’t sure what she expected, but certainly nothing as good as his. “She has your eyes. — I told you that earlier, right? She does.”

"Oh my God! I can’t believe it! I’m really a father!" Arthur exclaimed obviously utterly excited. "And all this time I thought you didn’t love me anymore, but you actually left because you were pregnant. Iris why didn’t you just tell me? You knew I wanted children. We never had to break up. All this time." He insisted. "Does she know?"


"I… I have a lot to tell you, Arthur." Iris took a long, deep bracing sigh. "I didn’t leave you for anyone else. I left because I was pregnant, pregnant with Aria, and I didn’t want you to have to give up on everything you could do because of me and Aria. So I left. — I never really found anyone else, either." ‘I never really stopped loving you,’ was left unsaid, but she certainly thought it. She wanted to say it.

Arthur just looked at her completely dumbfounded a few moments before he finally spoke again. “Oh my God! Iris are you serious? You are really telling me that beautiful little girl I saw you with is my daughter? I’m a father?” Arthur asked as a shocked and amazed grin came over his face. He was almost afraid it was some kind of joke, but at the same time he could feel in his heart that it was the truth.



Iris’s cheeks flushed red, a sweet smile on her lips. “Thank you,” she murmured, hugging Arthur tightly. “You look pretty good yourself.” He looked like a prince. ‘Pretty good’ was the understatement of the century. Arthur Pendragon looked like sex on legs, and Iris felt utterly insufficient compared to him. She looked like she was still practically a child compared to him.

"Shall we?" He asked offering her his arm and they headed to the restaurant. It was the nicest one in town that he had taken her to so many times. From their first date to their prom nights. The place had seen them through their relationship on many occasions. "So tell me what have you been up to the last few years?" Arthur asked when there were seated and were left in peace again.


"7:30. Yeah. That sounds good. I’ll see you tonight, then," she said with a sweet smile, standing on her toes to kiss his cheek. "Bye, Arthur." Iris walked to her car and went home, getting ready for dinner. She was ready by 7, with her long hair curled and her makeup absolutely perfect. She wore a light blue dress that Arthur always loved on her with white heels, giving her an extra few inches of height.

Iris decided that as soon as they got to the restaurant, she would tell Arthur everything. She hoped that he would react well.

Arthur got to the house 15 minutes early and felt so nervous as he knocked on the door. When she answered he looked her over with a huge smile. “You look so beautiful.” He said looking into her eyes. If almost felt like it had been a matter of days instead of years since they’d last been together. He’d worked making his company a success over the last few years, but somehow he still felt inadequate standing there looking at her all dressed up. She was like a princess to him, she always had been.


"Well, until I can get a job, I’m free, and till I find an apartment, I’m staying with my brother," Iris said. "I want to teach English or history, but I’ve wanted to reach English or history since middle school, so…"

"I remember. You were always so passionate about it." Arthur said with a bright smile. "Should I pick you up about 7:30 then? We can get some dinner and catch up on each each." He offered.



"I think I’m back to stay, actually, since there’s not really anything keeping me anywhere else." She smiled slightly and nodded. "She only ever seems to be awake when I want to sleep, little hooligan." Arthur wanted kids, and Iris wanted to stay with him. It could have worked out, maybe. "Yeah. We should catch up. I — I’d like that. I can get Jasper to watch Aria."

"That sounds lovely. And I thought that was just part of what children do." Arthur agreed with a smile. "Do you have any idea when you’re free?" He asked. "I can pick you up from wherever you’re staying."



Aria waved at him and smiled sleepily. She mumbled a greeting, her head resting on Iris’s shoulder. “Her father… Not exactly,” Iris told him, actually being honest. “We kind of lost contact a while ago.” She sighed, combing her fingers through Aria’s hair. “I’ve not been the best, but it could have been worse.”

"I’m sorry to hear that. Do you know how long you’ll be in town? I mean I’m here visiting Kay and my parents myself. I have to fly back for business meetings in a few days though." Arthur confessed. "She’s a tired little girl isn’t she? Little sweetie. I always did want children, but you remember that I’m sure." He said gently rubbing a finger over Aria’s tiny cheek. "Anyway, perhaps we could go out for dinner one night and catch up?" He offered.


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She looked up at him, her eyes going slightly wide. He looked — completely fantastic, and she probably looked like a tired mess. “Hey, Arthur,” she said hesitantly, her breath caught in her throat. “It’s been a while… Yeah, Aria just turned two last month.” Two years and eight months after she left, almost exactly to the day.

Iris smiled slightly, looking at the little girl in her arms. “Isn’t she beautiful?” She really was, with her angelic features and coloring. “She’s got her father’s eyes…” It was true; Aria had the same piercing blue eyes as Arthur. They reminded Iris of him everyday.

"She is. She obviously takes after you." Arthur said with a smile and giving a little wave to the child. "Hello little one." He said before looking back at Iris. "Is her father with you? I mean you did tell me there was another man. I always hoped you were happy after you left." Arthur said awkwardly running his fingers through is hair. "And you obviously had a beautiful little girl together."

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It has been two and a half years since Iris had left White Plains, cutting off all ties with everyone because of an unexpected pregnancy. Everyone always thought she would be a dancer or an actress, and they were absolutely positive that she would marry her boyfriend, Arthur Pendragon. They were practically perfect together, a match made in heaven. But after she found out she was pregnant, she told him she’d found someone else — which was a total lie.

But after her mother died, she had to go back. Of course, she took Aria with her. She had to. There wasn’t really another option. After the funeral, the two of them stood in Iris’s favorite coffee shop, the little blonde girl propped on her hip looking around curiously as her mother ordered herself coffee. No one had seemed to recognize Iris, which was odd. She had hardly changed at all, the same long hair and blue eyes. Her features hadn’t matured; she barely looked a day older than eighteen, despite being twenty-one.

When she got her coffee and walked out, the first person she saw was Arthur. He was across the street, capturing her attention immediately. She felt a pang in her chest, realizing he was probably dating someone or maybe engaged by that point. She walked across the street to get her car, her eyes locked on the ground as she hoped he wouldn’t recognize her.

When Arthur turned to see Iris standing there he was in shock. She was really back. He hadn’t seen her in going on three years after all and she was still a beautiful as he remembered.

"Iris? I… I can’t believe your back. I heard about your mother. I’m sorry." He muttered as he looked between her and the child she held. "You look wonderful. And you have a little one now. Congratulations." He added standing there awkwardly not quite sure what to say seeing the love of his life again after she’d left him for another man.



"I agree. I think the same way about it. I mean, then it’s alot more fun to get intimate right?" she smiled. "But i think i can’t move an inch now after this dinner."

Arthur chuckled and once he’d paid the check he offered her his hand to help her up. “Where to now? If you like I could show you my place.” He offered. “It’s not too far.”