Hello dear traveler. Welcome to my kingdom of Camelot. I am King Arthur Pendragon. I do hope you enjoy your stay here in Camelot. Do not hesitate to ask if you require anything.

Hello from me as Well! I'm Arthur's dear friend Arabella. I would be happy to assist you in whatever you might need as well. Within reason of course.

(Indie RP blog for the character of Arthur Pendragon. It will be an individual mix of different legends and how the mun pictures Arthur. The mun is of age which you can find in the Meet the Mun page. I own none of the gifs. All I have gotten from Google Images. Face Claim: Tom Hiddleston for Arthur and Tamsin Egerton for Arabella Tracking pendragonwelcomesyou )


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"Of course, Arthur," she said sweetly, trying her hardest not to giggle like a child. No grown man should be as cute as he was; it was hardly fair.

"I do hope you make yourself comfortable here. And if you need anything at all don’t hesitate to ask." He told her with a smile. "Would you like a tour of the castle?" He offered.

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✿ ———— Her smile grew slightly, the faintest blush dusting her cheeks. “It’s a pleasure to meet you as well,” Iris replied with her soft, gentle voice before introducing herself although she was sure he already knew her name. “My name is Iris.”

"A beautiful name for a beautiful girl." Arthur complimented. "I am King Arthur Pendragon, but please just call me Arthur. We are to be married after all." He said with an adorable grin.

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✿ ———— Iris hardly considered herself ready to be betrothed to anyone, not at eighteen —— but according to her father, she was completely ready, and she was meeting her fiance, finally. The suspense had been getting to her. A shy smile on her lips as he approached, the princess looked up at him. He was handsome, definitely, and not too horribly old —— probably not much older than her brother, actually.

"Hello there. It’s a pleasure to finally meet you. I trust your journey was pleasant." Arthur said giving her a warm smile before bringing her hand to his lips and giving it a kiss. "And a very warm welcome to you."

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Arthur was meeting his fiancee that day and he was honestly nervous. After all he’d always wanted to marry for love and someone who cared for him as a man and not just as a king. As he walked to meet her his eyes fell on her and he smiled.

So I kind of have this head cannon of sorts of Arthur proposing in a manner kind of like the lyrics of this. And him worrying women are usually only into him for his title and that the women he marries won’t actually love him.

"I suppose that I look different without the robes and crown
I come this day before you with no riches, no renown
For here I am no leader, I am just a humble man
And I only ask you take me, you take me as I am

I’m not looking for perfection, I’m not offering a saint
I’m not looking for a pretty bird to put in some restraint
The only thing I want is that you love me if you can
And I only ask you take me, you take me as I am

I offer you a look inside, I offer you that trust
I need your strength to help me fight the battles that I must
I need you to remind me of the light we bear within
That there’s more to life than struggle and the things we seek to win

Don’t take me out of duty, don’t take me out of pride
Just take me if the man you see is one you’d stand beside
I’m offering an open heart, I’m asking for your hand
And I only ask you take me, you take me as I am

You take me as I am”

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So the person who ran the blog that had a vast majority of Arthur’s relationships for medieval Arthur decided to delete their blog. So given the situation I have decided to take medieval Arthur back to a multi-ship. I have debated this for a few weeks and just now made a final decision. So here you go loves. Ship medieval Arthur to your hearts content. Just tell me first so I know. :D

Open RP

Arthur was having quite a bad day and wanted to relieve some stress and be alone for a bit. He set up an archery target in one of the long empty palace rooms. He had just let the arrow fly hitting the target masterfully when he heard the door open and quickly turned to see who it was. “It isn’t to safe to interrupt a man when he’s doing archery.” He said only slightly amused.



Aurora felt she was a fool for she had not one drop of evidence, only what she had heard from her father. “No.” She said, bowing her head in somewhat ashame. “I know only what I have heard from my father. He is our king’s good friend. I come from Ireland.” the brunette informed if her accent didn’t alert the king already.

"So your father told you that the Irish are planning to attack us? I do thank you for coming all this way to tell me." He said running his fingers through his hair as he pondered what to do. "I will certainly keep it in mind and be prepared." He said before looking back at her. "Do you have a place to stay? If not you may feel free to stay here at the palace. You’ve come an awful long way and I am sure you must be quite tired." He offered.

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"I’m afraid I have bad news sir." The brunette said sorrowfully as she curtsied to the King.
"I am from different lands, I traveled here in hopes of informing you before my people attacked." Aurora continued, now standing up right before the king, "My people plan to attack yours Sir."

"And how do you know this? Do you have any proof for me?" Arthur asked standing up and giving her his full attention. "These are quite serious accusations after all." He said. "Do not get me wrong I am grateful that you came to me, but surely you understand I have to be sure."

Open RP

"Yes enter." Arthur instructed pulling himself from the missives he was pouring over. "How can I assist you? I’m afraid I’m terribly busy at the moment." He admitted looking over his shoulder to great his guest.


Modern Arthur Open

"Well hello there. May I help you?" Arthur asked as he looked up from his work.

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Handwriting challenge
Again not going to tag anyone, but I will respond to being tagged. I hope you all can ready my cursive writing in highlighter. I will type them out as well just in case.
Your name Katherine Elizabeth Cecila Swinford (Katie)
Your url pendragonwelcomesyou
Your blog title pendragonwelcomesyou
Favorite color Pink, blue, green
Significant other none, thought I wish Tom Hiddleston
Write something in CAPS LOVE
Favorite band Hollywood Ending or Celtic Thunder
Favorite number no bloody idea
Favorite Drink cream soda
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Handwriting challenge

Again not going to tag anyone, but I will respond to being tagged. I hope you all can ready my cursive writing in highlighter. I will type them out as well just in case.

  1. Your name Katherine Elizabeth Cecila Swinford (Katie)
  2. Your url pendragonwelcomesyou
  3. Your blog title pendragonwelcomesyou
  4. Favorite color Pink, blue, green
  5. Significant other none, thought I wish Tom Hiddleston
  6. Write something in CAPS LOVE
  7. Favorite band Hollywood Ending or Celtic Thunder
  8. Favorite number no bloody idea
  9. Favorite Drink cream soda
  10. Tag some people

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First off I am not going to tag people, but I will answer the questions. :D

My questions:

  1. Favorite movie(s)/series? Stardust or The Mummy series

  2. Favorite book(s)? The Highwayman of Tanglewood

  3. Your fandom(s)? Copper, Ripper Street, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Sleepy Hollow, Dracula, Legend of the Seeker, etc.

  4. Favorite drink(s)? Cream Soda

  5. Favorite music style(s)? Musical Theatre or Country

  6. Dream job (I don’t know is an acceptable answer)? I want to be a published author of historical romance novels.

  7. Any ships? Too many to bloody count. hahaha

  8. Favorite color(s)? Pink, blue, and green in various certain shades.

  9. Favorite quote(s)? "To love another person is to see the face of God." -Les Miserables "We can be only who we are. No more, no less." -Kahlan Amnell Legend of the Seeker/Sword of Truth "There are no bad plans, just poorly executed awesome ones." -Damon in Vampire Diaries

  10. What is your dream? To marry a wonderful man, have babies, live in an old house in England or Ireland, and be a published Author.

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